Hi, I am Vanesa.

I have a passion for photography, and I will happily shooting you with your lovers, family and friends! I am from Argentina, with family roots in Spain and Italy.

Since I was a child, I always loved taking lots of pictures. I love to shot with documentary approach, that feeling of waiting for the right moment, following your emotions and snap the message I envisioned.

There is nothing as important as creating a connection, a moment of truth that I can capture. Talking, joking and breaking the ice make it easier when the model is shy or when it’s their first time in front of a lens. I show them how to relax and to have fun, to pose and enjoying the moment as much as I do we pass the experience with a sweet flavor. Most of you like photos, some don't, but you have to be sure that I will do my best to give you a good experience and a great result.

I have always been an artistic person. I studied Industrial Design in my hometown, Mar del Plata, Argentina. Then photography and last but not least Videography.

When photography knocked on my door, I was working as a shoe designer when a friend offered me to take some pictures for launching her clothing brand. Without even noticing it, I found my true calling, the one that leads to happiness.

My hobbies are traveling, painting, long walks with Nala (my baby dog) and drink coffee. I am a very friendly social person, I love to work with people and shot people.

I started taking photos in Argentina, pursuing my dream to Mexico and the United States.

Now traveling, photography and video. It has become my calling, my passion, and my lifestyle.

My dreams are encapsulated in two profound words: travel and photography. They define my existence, fuel my soul, and guide me towards capturing the essence of life itself. Photography has become more than a passion; it's a lifestyle, a journey of continuous exploration, and a commitment to sharing the world's untold stories through the beauty of imagery.



“Vanesa did corporate shots for my team and they turned out wonderfully. She's a true professional and one of the best photographers I've worked with.”